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transformational series

6 week program to a lighter life 
a lighter life 
a lighter spirit 
a lighter body 

Program Highlights

Jumpstart your new wellness routine with this 6 Week Transformation Series.  We welcome you to a transformative journey like no other designed to help you achieve a lighter life... lighter spirit, and a lighter body.

Need to Lose Weight?

Clear your Mind?

Lighten your Spirit?

Looking to Live a More Consciously Aware Life?

Re-prioritize your life?

Re-connect to your true self?

Discover Your Life's Purpose?


It all starts from WITHIN and we will show you how to create and make space for your New Year- New Self - Self-care routine! Let's not wait until the New Year, Let's' Kick off the New Year with the New YOU

6 Weeks to a NEW YOU - Program Starts November 1, 2023

  • Transformation is a complex, demanding and time-consuming journey so why do it alone? We would love to be a part of this next phase of your life, we will be offering:

  • Weekly class of (6) people every Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm

  • Each Week a Wellness Expert will meet with you to discuss proven, practical processes and initiatives you can take to live a more connected, conscious life-style and heal yourself from the inside out.

  • (10) Wellness Professionals and speakers will engage in small group sessions featuring strategies, experiences and activities including take-home exercises, and journaling activities

  • Program includes a 7 Day Cleanse supervised by Professional Health Coach to provide head start on Transforming your life from the inside out.

  • Weekly Meditation available in Salt Room each Monday night

  • Weekly access and follow ups with Renee Dee, Your Hostess and Transformation Coach

  • Be part of motivated community in a safe, supportive environment

  • SPECIAL ENERGIE GIFT BAG included with useful products, local resources, and inspiring books like "Becoming Supernatural" by Joe Dispenza outlining principles used in our program.

  • Access to ongoing post-program support activities, events, and retreats.


These new principles and practices you will learn will help Balance your mind, body and spirit so you can get EXACTLY what you want out of life! Get ready to embark on a transformation that will empower you to take control of your life and find the balance and peace you've been seeking. 

Your Hostess,

Renee Dee


your gateway to transformation

Renee Dee lost 165lbs thru meditation and life style changes and since then, has dedicated her life to helping others transform from the inside out. Learning how to heal your body from the inside out is the truest way to transformation. A new Way at looking at life will provide you with new results. 

For decades, I lived a stress-filled, reactive lifestyle that almost killed me.   My mind would race, my body would inflate and life became unbearable at certain times.  Fortunately I was blessed enough to find the answers I was searching for and transform my life into what I have dreamed it to be for years.  

I am not a doctor or certified therapist but I am a determined, dedicated experienced woman hoping to share my passion for self-care and wellness with the world.  Discovering holistic wellness was the gateway to my transformation. Actually allowed me to overcome trauma, drama and all that lies in between  Teaching my body how to heal from the inside out is a miraculously changed every aspect of my life.

Are you ready for change?

Have you had enough?

Is life encouraging you to do better but you don't know where to start?

Maybe its time to Start HERE and Start NOW

" Renee's progress in weight loss over the past 4 years far exceeded most other  clients due to her immersion into meditation and other holistic wellness practices"

- Lisa Szudarsk

 Licensed Certified Social Worker & Health Coach


Only $250 to save a seat

meet the specialists

Over the course of six week, you will be working with each member of our team to help you guide our transformation to a lighter mind, body and spirit. 

what to expect 

  • Guided Transformation:             ​​ This course is a gateway to your new life, offering a structured path to reawaken your inner essence. Experience a profound shift in how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

  • Expert Guidance:             ​​                     Learn from experienced facilitators who are dedicated to your personal growth journey. Benefit from their insights, knowledge, and support as you navigate the transformative process. Empower yourself to break through barriers and become unstoppable. Transform your energies to create lasting positive change

  • Supportive environment           immerse yourself in a nurturing and loving environment that encourages your growth. Connect with like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through carefully curated practices, methods, and tools.

Enroll TODAY

Introductory Offer -Program valued at $1550 - Normally $800

Only 250$ to save your spot TODAY!  

- Remaining $350 due first day of class -

$600 Early Bird Special if you register by October 15th!
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