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Renee Denise
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Renee Denise

Although she was always the light in the room wherever she went, Trauma started and followed Renee from age 3.  Because of both generational and everyday trauma of poverty and abuse, she struggled for decades to learn how to delicately balance resilience, boundaries, opportunities and relationships. Breakthrough after Breakthrough kept her searching for true faith, true meaning, and just truth in general.  A truth she knew to be true from a young age, just never could find others that felt the same way. But these struggles and traumas only made Renee see even more light and make even bigger dreams.

Early on, Renee always dreamed of being a Marketing executive and was able to work 15 years in high-level Marketing positions helping all size businesses build their business through both promotional and relational marketing, Clients includes McDonald’s, Kraft Foods and many other smaller startup companies in the Chicagoland area.  Later, after living the life of a stay at home mom of 2, Renee Founded both a Non-Profit Organization, Peak for kids and The Kindness Campaign launched in 2013.  Be Nice. Be Happy. 


Next, She fulfilled yet  another lifetime dream of being a Realtor so she built a successful, Full Time Realty Business she ran for 8 years.  She became the most naturally authentic sales and marketing professional you will meet, always keeping clients’ best interests at heart and always knowing the best methods and strategies that enabled them to make their dreams come true.


Always on the path to know better and do better, Renee made her spiritual journey a priority about 5 years ago and when Covid hit, that journey became the Awakening of the Century!  Renee Finished her degree, started studying Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks and became a Lightworker.  The minute Renee learned how to switch her mindset from scarcity to abundance, from fear to love, and most importantly from belief to FAITH, she became the lightworker she always knew she would be and started to change her whole life. Within one year, 


·      She saved her marriage of 23 years.

·      Quit selling Real Estate

·      Became a Vegetarian

·      Developed a spiritual wellness practice.

·      Lost 140lbs

·      Bought her dream home and built her dream pool.

·      Found her purpose in life.

·      And now building a dream business as a place of refuge for others looking to heal, to fall in love with themselves again, to learn more about those who came before us, current resources/opportunities,  incorporate more peace and creativity into their lives and discover their lives purpose.   


3 years later, Renee helps people build and achieve their dreams through intuitive consulting, experiences, and healing work. Renee considers herself an expert at Law of Attraction, Mindset Management who has both a tarot and meditation practice.   She is capable of seeing the world in a different light than most and wants to use that light to help others gain a new or deeper understanding of the world and the "energies" that flow within and around us all.  She would love to help you start up your own spiritual practice, build your own business assist in Mindset Management or Make any other Dream Come True, or better yet…

Make them ALL Come True.

Renee Denise's Services

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