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Empowerment Coaching Sessions
with Renee Denise

A Professional Energy Healing Consultant, Life Coach and Tarot Practitioner

Renee uses the power of Tarot and Intuitive Life Coaching to help discover different perspectives and insights, leading you to create a life a life you love and or destined to live. Process may include:

  • Identifying patterns and finding resources to overcome trauma

  • Incorporating life changes to perpetuate healing processes

  • Gaining insight into who your really are and how you can use your creativity to be your best self

  • Exploring deeper connections between people and the Universe

  • Finding the love within so it can attract what you desire

If you would like to learn more or book a session, you are invited to visit our weekly Free Open House/Happy Hours to meet Lisa Marie. Open House/Happy Hours are every Friday 4-6 pm. 

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