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At Energie, we believe that connecting to your inner spirit and to the world around you is the key to both personal and spiritual growth. We offer a variety of services, events, and packages that will lead you on your own spiritual journey


Learn how to meditate to lose weight and/or transform yourself and the world around you with our Spiritual & Intuitive Consulting. Meet with a practitioner who is able to connect with the divine and use their abilities to clear your energy or help heal your heart, mind and spirit.  And learn how to use the law of attraction to create your best life!

Are you ready to understand yourself on  a deeper level and tap into your own healing energy?


New Business Launch ProgramAre you wanting to start your own practice helping people? Are you ready to start your business journey? Let Renee help you with all the details on what it takes to begin your dream and fulfill your life's purpose!

Mind and Body Transformation Session – Looking for help with management of weight, mindset or ADHD energy? Wanting to create a spiritual wellness routine that incorporates meditation? At home consultations are also available to help create peaceful spaces for you to practice, spaces that provide much needed spiritual solitude.


Tarot and Spiritual Transformation Session – Receive spiritual guidance on your life's path! Tarot is a very unique and collaborative tool to use in your quest for a healthy mind.  It helps us all see life in a different perspective.  Tarot has a long, creative and wonderful history of helping people.  We don't necessarily do readings but instead, use tarot cards to help people explore the ways things are happening in their own lives by helping people understand themselves in a different way.  It naturally becomes a very therapeutic experience.

Individual Medium session - With Focus and Intent of Light and Love, Lisa can connect people with spirits and receive messages from the other side providing guidance and support in times of transition or difficulties or maybe even help to discover your life path and the course for you to follow. Choose from Studio or Salt Suite atmosphere.


Small Group Salt & Medium Package – With Focus and Intent of Light and Love, general small group readings provided in or out of Salt Suite for you and a group of 3 friends. This package includes 1 hour salt room and 10 minute readings for each person, Tea and snacks or BYO food and drink. Please call Lisa to book this special package!

  • 2 people : $200 ($100 ea.)

  • 3 people: $270 ($90 ea.)

  • 4 people $ 328 ($82 ea.)


To book a session call Lisa at 630-742-7330 or book online here.


We offer various healing therapies, workshops, and events.

Whether you Come for a chat at the tea bar or to lounge in the library with a small group of friends or maybe you meet with Intuitive Therapist,  we wish for you to come, enjoy and fall in love with yourself and the world around you.

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