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Energie Space Program 

Welcome to Energie Space Program, we're thrilled to invite YOU on board! Are you a practitioner or teacher looking for a space to host your events and classes? We're actively seeking members to join our exciting new community of professionals to share space in a collaborative environment. Energie's Space Programs main goal is to provide a space for you to practice and a support system to help elevate YOUR small business. Energie is an all-inclusive sacred space and welcomes a diverse array of talents, including teachers, practitioners, sound healers, yoga and dance instructors, reiki masters, artists, writers, and small club groups.  Join us in this exciting journey! 

Benefits of joining our Community 

  • Space for your practice : We offer you dedicated space to enhance your practice. Anywhere from 2 hours per day to full day rentals included to meet with clients, give classes, collaborate with other members, work on your craft, etc. 

  • Unique Setting: Escape the ordinary and impress your guests with our distinctive and aesthetically pleasing lounge space and salt room.

  • Flexible Space: If you are a teacher, practitioner, sound healers, yoga or dance instructor, reiki master, artist, or writer, our space can be customized to suit your needs. We can accommodate small groups between 2-14 people and can offer a wide range of resources.  Wi-Fi access and refreshments included. 

  • Photo Ops: The pink Himalayan salt walls and beautiful mural in the space create a visually stunning backdrop for your service, perfect for photo opportunities.

  • Expert Host: Renee Dee, Owner and hostess will ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. We can assist with event planning, catering, and any special requests you may have.

  • Community: Energie's biggest goal is to help YOU by creating a network you can tap into. Connect with other small business owners who share your values. As a member of Energie's Space Program, you will be invited to our weekly marketing meetings to collaborate with others. 

  • Marketing: Energie provides space. As a member, you will be listed and advertised across Energies marketing material.  You will be given a tab on our website, advertised across our social media platforms, and any physical marketing materials will be displayed in our store front. While the members are in charge of finding clients, driving sales to their programs and self-advertising, Energie provide support! 

  • Social Media Marketing Access: Our in house marketing assistant and social media marketing manager will be at our weekly marketing meetings as a resource for you! Get feedback on your account, learn new strategies for posting, and ask questions to grow!

  • Access to Energie RETREATS:  Going forward, Energie is expanding and focusing on destination retreats. Energie is a space provider. Club Energie members will have access to these retreats and in the future, host a customer retreat for your practice. 

apply to join energie space program

Don't miss out on the opportunity to open the door to your future career and join our network. Due to the nature of this service, please contact us now to discuss your individual details, availability,  pricing options and how we can work with you. 

Contact Information: 


 Phone: 630-935-7834 

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